Facts about real estate which will entertain your brain


Facts about real estate which will entertain your brain

Real estate is a very serious business but still a very fun on as there are many weird, interesting, fascinating thing that happen here. Some of which we have listed for you

Extreme Makeover home edition had to downsize their makeover

The makers of ‘Extreme Makeover: home edition’ had to downsize their makeovers die to the families not being able to afford the utility bills and other associated costs of ownership


The World’s Largest Treehouse

The world’s largest treehouse has over 80 rooms, ten floors and took the builders over 14 years to build

Tree house


The white house was rebuilt

Fro 1949-52, the white house was gutted and rebuilt with concrete and steel beams where its original wooden joints had been replaced.


Breaking Bad and pizza’s

Fan’s of the hit TV show Breaking Bad, continue to throw pizzas on the roof of the building that was shown as Walter White’s house.


300 Teenagers broke into a home and caused $20,000 worth in damage

300 teenagers broke into a home while the owners were out and caused at least $20,000 in damages


Building secret rooms and hidden passageways

Certain companies are specialised in building secret rooms and hidden passages. One can even use chess boards as a combination to unlock these secret rooms.



Do not build your home below this point!

In Japan, there are ancient stones along the coast of Japan’s Tsunami affected areas which reads Do not build your home below this point! To help the people in case of catastrophe.


Transformation of concrete blocks in to lego-like blocks

There is a Dutch-made machine that transforms concrete blocks into Lego-like blocks. These blocks allow the victims of war or natural disasters to construct their own new earthquake-resistant houses.


Empire State building makes more from ticket sales for obseravtion

The Empire State Building makes more money from selling tickets for its observation decks than it does form renting office space.


The Cooper Union had a foundation building which included an elevator shaft

The Cooper Union Foundation building made an elevator shaft in 1859 in anticipation of elevators being invented.


Cheap castles for sale in France

There are castles for sale in France that is cheaper than a two BHK apartment in Australia.

BHK apartment


Tony Stark’s Mansion in Iron Man

The location of Tony Starks Mansion in Iron Man is also the same cliff from where the statue of liberty sticks out from the sand in Planet of the Apes.


Curved Roofs to ward of evil

Most traditional Chinese temples were designed with curved roofs as they believed that evil would only move in a straight line, and curved lines will ward off evil.

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